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Dr. Gangrene Presents Volume 1 - DVD

Image of Dr. Gangrene Presents Volume 1 - DVD


Dr. Gangrene, Physician of Fright, presents four classic tales of terror and schlock.

THE HAUNTED PORTRAIT - Robert Webber, Nancy Hadley - B & W - 1959
A young married couple purchase a house with a strange portrait that has ties to the supernatural.

THE CLOWN - Christopher Dark, Yvette Mimieux - B & W - 1960
A circus clown seeks revenge for a murder he didn't commit.

THE EXECUTIONER - Crahan Denton, Buzz Martin - B & W - 1961
A Civil War spy is captured and sent to the firing squad but a ghostly event intervenes.

MOON OF THE WOLF - David Janssen, Barbara Rush - Color - 1972
A werewolf stalks a rural Louisiana town and it's up to the sheriff to stop him.